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The camp plan is submitted but will change in details when we get out there and as we set up the camp.
The theme camp has been excepted, as Contraptionists at Bipolar and Feedback Loop 150 x 150+feet Josephine is our placer
I was off on the scale it seems and we seem to be on the Bipolar end of the small block with 3 street sides so I have reorginized the camp to fit and wall in the sides, we may want fencing? the space seems to be 150 on the wide end by 150 or less deep, so I have re-adjusted the camp size also , please let me know of any thoughts, it will probably still change daily? as we aproach Bday

there are camp letters from Harly at Burningman camp placement which can be found on our camp letters page, new peope, and all, please please read all letters from Harly and the others would be good to read also.
camp placement is below , I'm not possitive but think we're on the 6:30 side of center camp so that is how the camp is laid out.
The current camp plan is below the placement map.

Blue tents are possible OPEN spots for our new campmates, Green is assumed taken with your initials? on it If I've been told of your reservations. If You are inside a ZT you must confirm your spot with that ZTs master, ask me for more info. the ZT3 has interior walls for up to 6 rooms, ask for ocupancy. Email -: Rooms at Contraptionists dot com :- for info on spaces.
For a map with a movable measure stick for figuring spacing and placement (requires flash shockwave plugin) click here