The TDA-3 does Burningman with the help of a snake charmer
In a marriage of past efforts from two separate Kinetics Sculpture teams, an interesting craft was seen cruising the playa at this year's Burning Man Festival!
The craft combined the restored 18-year veteran Kinetics machine, the TDA3, with parts of the year 2000 first place sculpture and costumes from the Cyclepathz Snake Charmers entry. The TDA3 was designed by Karl T and Daniel D. Attached are a few pictures of the craft from the festival. Karl and Daniel are the two other "snake charmers" in the second picture.
The craft was very well received at the festival and was seen by thousands more people! Two weeks after Burning Man, the hybrid craft was paraded through the streets of Boulder in the Parade of the People sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center.
Many thanks to all of you who participated in construction of the snake and the costumes!!

For more info on Burning Man, see www.BurnigMan.COM


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Zap,(Paul)& Karl Daniel, Karl, Zap Zap, Karl Karl, Zap, Daniel Zap At the repair shop sunset over the Temple

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